Returning Women Program

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Working Women Can Have It All

With the right kind of support, we believe women can successfully balance work and life. We encourage women looking to get back into the workforce to explore opportunities with us.


Who can apply?

Women who have taken a break from the workforce and are looking to get back into work

What types of roles I can apply for?

You can apply for any type of role that you are comfortable with.

However we tend to have a higher proportion of our opportunities in core technical functions (roles such as BI Analyst/Lead, BI Tester,UI Developer, UX Designer, etc), with relatively fewer openings in support functions (Sales Support, Marketing, Web Research, Lead Generation, etc).

We however encourage you to apply for a role that you are comfortable with

How long would the application processing take?

If there is an immediate opening that we could match with your profile, we would reach out you immediately. In the absence of an immediate opening matching your profile, we would reach out to you when an opening comes up in the future. (We would still recommend that you apply irrespective of immediate need)

Is Work From Home / Part-Time / Flexible Hours option available?

Most of the roles require our associates to be at the office during standard work hours. You may apply for a WFH/part-time/flexi-hours option, but the opportunities we could consider you for would be limited.

I do not have BI experience but have strong technical experience in IT. Can I apply?

Sure. Visual BI has also gone the route of hiring & training associates in BI, before assigning candidates in active projects / roles.

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